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Hello and welcome to my little space on the net. You’re probably wondering what this place is about? Well this page will give you an explanation. Hopefully it will answer your questions. And if you still have some or comments please let me know. I’ll be more than happy to listen.

Here recently I just started getting back in to coding. I dabbed in a little bit in the 80’s when my father was working for Shell Oil Company back in Texas. However I didn’t stay with it very long. It wasn’t really my cup of tea early on in age. And after a couple of odd programming jobs at places I worked in the early 90’s I grew out of it. See during this time it was the golden years of computing. The idea of the home computer was still out of reach for the average American. We always had a computer because my father worked in the industry so I always had access to the systems I could tinker with. And the idea of the internet was still in the very beginnings, early BBS’s and all. So since the industry was still growing I took more of a systems admin / networking approach to learning. This area fascinated me because it was something I didn’t know. I saw it as a growing sector of the industry so I focused my energies on it.

So for the next 10+ years sysadmin / networking has been my main focus. I started coding again doing simple Javascript stuff for friends and this kinda re-ignited the flame for it. I felt that now having the sysadmin experience gives me the ability to know how to code things behind the scenes. The reason being is I now know what happens on the front-end. So I started doing some free online courses along with some paid ones to get my skills back up to date. A lot has changed in 10+ years but I still had a grasp on the basics. Well upon my journey the thought of having a place to put my code has always been in the back of my mind. Do I want to host the service myself, just throw stuff up on GitHub, blog it, etc… I didn’t really want to host something myself because I didn’t feel like having the responsibility of keeping things up to date myself. GitHub which is very useful for hosting things didn’t have the kind of “showing off” effect I was looking for. So I chose to use a simple blog format for my code. To me this is the simplest and easiest way to get the point across along with letting people comment on what I’ve done.

So there you have it. Me and what this place is about in a few paragraphs. Please feel free to comment on anything I post. All I ask is you do in a constructive format. I know lots of people change behind a keyboard. Try not to the let that happen here. I’m always open to learning a new way of doing things. My way isn’t the only way and I realize that. It works for me and I’m mature enough to know its not the only way.

Also take note. The first programs are literally the first versions of stuff I’ve been working on. Some may look pretty archaic by any given standards. You will see that as I post more I will be learning more tricks to the trade. Just goes to show that viewing failure as a positive thing can get you pretty far when you experiment with things.


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