Starting To Play Around With ASP (Pre-MVC Stuff)

Sorry for the lack of updates here. I’ve been plugging away with the ASP & MVC work with some courses I’ve been taking. Stay tuned because I’ll be posting the projects I’ve been working on in progression.

This one is the beginning of the ASP stuff I’ve been playing with. This is an older project before I started messing with ASP, MVC, and the Entity framework. Again, those posts will come later. I’ve got the projects done. I just need to post them. So this will eventually lead into more ASP/MVC stuff. I’ve taking a liking to the way things work.. 🙂

There really isn’t much code to post other than the screenshots and a few html pages. Not much meat to this one. So if you want to take look at the source head on over to the downloads page, pull it down, and take a look.


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