Interfaces Example

Interfaces are the third pillar of OOP programming. Interfaces give you a way to implements certain functionality without knowing how or what do exactly. Think of it as a high level blueprint on how you want the program to run. Just remember that if you inherit from an interface you have to implement every method, class, data type, etc.., defined in the interface. Also the reverse is true that if you try and implement functionality not defined in the interface you will run into compiler errors.

Click HERE for the complete program source code.

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New Site Look

I decided to change the look and layout of the site. The old theme was starting to get to me as far as readability and user friendliness. I hope the readers enjoy the new layout. 🙂 Any questions or comments let me know.

Inheritance Example

Expanding on the simple Gradebook program. This implements a ThrowAwayGrade class that inherits from the GradeBook class. Inheritance being one of the pillars of OOP programming. I’ll be going over basic inheritance, polymorphism, and interfaces in the next few blog posts. So keep an eye out.

If you want to see the entire source code you can get that HERE. Or by going to the downloads page.

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