Code Format Change

Just a quick update to let everyone know who visits my blog thanks in advance. I know updated are sporadic from time to time. So any comments or suggestions please let me know. They are noticed.

Also I’m sure you’ve seen on the last few posts that the code is being displayed differently. This is being done moving forward now do that all of the code can be displayed. I’ve noticed in some past posts  that not all of the code is being displayed if it runs too far to the right of the window. I’ll be going back and editing past posts also over time. So keep a lookout for those changes. So, again, moving forward I’ll start displaying it this way:

Code Example:

private double calculatePayment(double interestRate, double loanAmount, int numberOfMonthlyPayments)
        //Making sure we have valid data.
        if (interestRate > 0 && loanAmount > 0 && numberOfMonthlyPayments > 0)
            //Checking the interest rate format, and divide into monthly percentage rate accordingly.
            if (interestRate > 0)
                interestRate /= 1200;
                interestRate /= 12;

            //Calculate and return the loan payment amount.
            return (interestRate + (interestRate / (Math.Pow(1 + interestRate, numberOfMonthlyPayments) - 1))) * loanAmount;
            return 0;


Web Loan Calculator C# ASP Project

This is another test project that does loan amortization. I had to do some quick learning on the loan amount, interest rate, and duration formula. I’m experimenting with different ways to get things done in the back-end code then having the results, work, etc.., display on the webpage. I’ll be getting into creating full sites in the next few posts. However these are just static pages that just display functionality.

I’ve also added conditions to the page that the user has to fill out all of the required fields otherwise errors will display. I’m also playing around with different ways of getting the form data and saving it for later use.

Default.aspx & Error Display Pages

WebLoanCalculatorMainPage WebLoanCalculatorError

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Time Of Day C# .ASP Project

Hello, this is my first quick project in my exploration of how the C# .NET programming language can be used to create / use ASP pages. I will have a separate section for ASP code from the regular C# Downloads & Files for organizational reasons.

My first project delving into this is a simple time of day page. You enter the name in the text field and based on the time of day it will display “Good Morning”, “Good Afternoon”, or Good Evening” followed by the name entered. I’ve also added a small condition to make sure something is entered. Otherwise there’s a notification.

Live Page Example.

Main Page & Error Display

TimeOfDayMainPage TimeOfDayMainPageError

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Employee Database Program

EmployeeDatabase EmployeeDatabaseXSD EmployeeDatabaseMainScreen

EditEmployeeScreen ViewDeparmentsScreen

Hello again. I’ll be expanding more on using a database with C# .NET with this project. Again this program is meant for a small company since it’s using an Access Database to store the data. I’ll be putting out an SQL version at a later time for bigger companies that might have data bigger than 2GB.

I’ve been working on an employee database for a client. This is the “almost finished” version of it. I didn’t really want to wait and put the final product up on this blog because of all the little details gone into it so far. I’ll make another post later on with the finished product.

In the program you have the ability to track employee information such as employee ID, what department they’re in, first/last name, salary, address, state, zip, etc.., along with some other items you can see from the screenshots below. You can also edit employee information after it’s been entered along with a drag and drop feature for an employee photo.

You also have the ability to track the various departments in your company. The last piece I was talking about earlier is the ability to edit the departments after they’ve been entered. This is the last piece I have to get working. The client didn’t need this particular functionality, however, it’s something I will include in the final piece.

Remember you can download the source to this program or the actual program itself on my downloads page.



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