Letter / Symbol Matching Game



Hello folks. Long time since an update. I’m neck deep into my advanced C# class at Oreilly School Of Technology. It’s about time I started updating the blog with the things I’ve been working on. To be honest this course, so far, has been the hardest for me. There are lots of concepts to grasp. My first lesson continued by introducing me to arrays, single, and multidimensional. So far this has proven to be vastly different than the collections I was working with during my last course. This course has also been working more with graphics along with data / memory manipulation. Fun stuff!!!!

The game I worked on is basically a matching game. You would select one tile the try and find the next matching one. The 2-Dimensional array comes into play when storing the board size and tiles. You’ll see this from this from the source code. Then using the sender properties and comparing the buttons tag to each other to check for a match. If the two buttons in the array matched then they stayed flipped and turned green. If not the system would wait then flip back to question marks and you would try again. Remember if you want to download the source for this program visit the downloads section of the blog. Now onto viewing the source.

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