Queue Collection Example

The Queue<T> collection class is similar to the Stack collection class. The main difference is that instead of working on the LIFO (Last In First Out) concept it uses the FIFO (First In First Out) concept. These kind of collections work best in a manufacturing environment that uses FIFO concepts in production. Where I currently work this is the process we follow. So the programs we use that utilize this type of concept use this type of collection for various tasks. Continue reading

Stack Collection Example

Here I’m demonstrating some simple tasks in using a Stack<T> collection. This collection has a trait of LIFO (Last In First Out). Meaning that the last element added is the first element in     the collection. This collection is good if the you need this type of behavior from a collection. A set way of adding and removing elements without having to get into complex algorithms of adding and removing items. Continue reading

Linked List Collection Example

This demonstration is going over how a linked list collection can be used. Linked lists give the ability to insert and remove elements quickly. Granted there isn’t much of a performance increase versus a properly sized array or a normal List. This example is just to show how a LinkedList can be used if there’s ever a need. Continue reading