Usb Enable / Disable


During the Windows 7 migration at the place I work at the desktop group decided to disable the USB ports so the users couldn’t plug any thumb drives, external HD’s, etc… They were doing this manually during the imaging process. Well a couple people actually needed this functionality and the desktop guys were spending way too much time re-enabling the ports. So I came up with this little program for them. This basically copied the files and adds the registry keys. Then when the user is done doing whatever they need to the Usb ports can be turned off easily. Future versions of this program will include the ability to connect to the computer locally. Again it’s a simple 2 class program. I also added the app.manifest on this one because of the need to be an admin on the box. However our local domain policy turns this off on the desktops. So the desktop admins still have to login to the local machine with their admin credentials. But the functionality is still there in the even the program needs to be used outside of the organization.

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Directory Copy


This was a simple directory copy program I made up for our desktop group. We have some computers located in the manufacturing area that are pretty locked down so users can’t do anything other than the jobs they were designed to-do. However the guys still need the ability to do certain functions in the even of a crash. So I gave them this quick little program to help them out. It’s s simple 2 class program. They pick a source and a destination folder. They have the option of copying the sub-folders if need be. There is a status window to let the user know what’s going on with the program.

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Numbers & Stuff


This was a program that I came up with just playing around. You would enter a beginning number and an ending number. Then the program would get all of the even & odd numbers from the range given. It would also calculate the total of each number in the range. Again like most of small programs it’s a simple 2 class one.

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