Slot Machine Update v3.1

Here’s a revision on the Slot Machine entry I made back in December. If you remember the previous version of the program was a course challenge I did from Bob Tabor’s Learn Visual page. Well I’m still going thru the videos on his site. Some of the code you see in this blog is either stuff I’ve taken from classes and improved on as I learn new things. This version of the slot machine is just that. In a nutshell what I’ve done is taken the game and broken it up into different functional classes and methods. I’ve also went from using arrays too collections. This was done after my lessons on collections and I took a liking to them a little more than arrays. I know arrays have their purposes in certain programs as do collections. I just found collections easier to work with for this project.

Oh, also as a note there will be a break in posts for a couple of weeks. I’ll be transitioning my development environment over to a new server. So once I get that up and running and the virtual machines migrated I’ll be back to work. 🙂

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War Card Game v1.2

I decided to tackle the idea I’ve been having of a War Card type game. Since I’ve been playing around with lists and object properties I figured why not. Let’s see how this could turn out. This one took me awhile. About 3 weeks actually of gradually working on it a little each day. The goal was to have seperation between the player, card, and game objects. The is still in the very basic stages. No graphics, text only, and no real control over the game other than running it. A while loop takes care of creating a card deck, shuffling the cards, dealing the cards, and playing the game. I have a todo list to add more user friendly functionality in the next coming version(s). And graphics also.. 🙂

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More Collection Initialization

This was another homework assignment that was done for a course I was taking. The requirements are commented in the code for each assignment button. This was more collections, initialization the collections, and iterating thru the collections to display the data. I’m also playing around with encapsulating data in a collection and iterating thru the collection to display the data. You will also see the various classes and object I’m using for the list items. And I’m taking advantage of using a class library on this project for code portability. No live version for this program because there isn’t much to see. You can download the source-code and take a look for yourself.

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