Simple Alarm Clock Program





This was a simple desktop alarm program I did as a final to my C# class at Oreilly School Of Technology. This program has multiple classes as you can see from the class designer picture. One for the MainForm where you could Add, Edit, and Delete alarms from a ListBox. The program took care of binary serialization for saving the data. Any time an alarm was entered, edited, or deleted the data was saved automatically via the methods as you will see later in this post. A display alert shows up when an alarm comes due. Click on more to see the code. Also remember that the source code for all these programs is available via the C# Downloads & Files link.

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Simple Stack & Heap Allocation With Garbage Collection


Here is another simple program that shows how Garbage Collection works in C# .NET. What I’m doing is creating a couple of objects, showing how GC memory there is upon creation, destroying the object so it’s flagged for GC collection, and showing the GC memory after the object has been destroyed. Click more to see the source code.

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Employee Database



This is a simple application I came up with to keep track of people, employees, etc… This another multi-class program. It was also my first attempt at using data serialization for saving the program data. I have to say it works really good and different from using string builder to save data. Yes it’s not a fully secure way to store data, for example encryption. However I’m pretty happy to have figured it out. This was also my first attempt at overloading a class. I used it if the user wanted to edit an exiting employees data. Well onto the source code. Enjoy.

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