Ordering Pizza Application

This was a big challenge. As you’ve probably seen from some of my other posts I’ve been going thru courses over a Learnvisualstudio.net, courtesy of Bob Tabor. He has some challenges built into some of his course tracks and videos. So that’s where this program comes from. I’ve also added some of my little tweaks here and there. So this might seem simple but it took me a few weeks of working with things, testing, and tweaking.

Basically it’s a web based program used to track pizza orders. There are multiple tables in the database that keep track of various items. I wanted every aspect of the program to get any and all information from the database. Having said that you will see multiple entities, dto objects, etc… There are areas I can clean up and optimize the code that I will work on later. Also I’m working on some error logging for a later version. Hope you enjoy it and keep a look out for changes. I’m working on it as time permits.

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