Having Some Fun With Strings

Let’s have some fun with some strings shall we? I decided to see what all I could do while using String.Format(), and StringBuilder(). Also taking advantage of a single dimensional array, char arrays, and string padding. The code may look like it’s jumping around. Like I said I was just doing some messing around. This wasn’t really a project. Just me trying to see what would work and what wouldn’t.

No screenshot for this one. You’ll see the Default.aspx code. It’s self explanatory. 🙂

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Basic Slot Machine

This was a challenge topic during a course that I’ve been taking over on Bob Tabor’s LearnVisualStudio.net page. I had a lot of fun with this even in it’s basic nature. It’s using a simple Web Form for a slot machine. Now the graphics aren’t as good as the slots in Vegas. That wasn’t the point of this exercise. Like is said earlier I’m a big fan of going back over past things I’ve learned to see if I missed anything. And to have some fun in this case.

In the past I’ve been making relying on using global variables in my programs. That was just a work around for me being lazy and not passing my variables and values from method to method and doing work on them. So seeing the need to fix this I made that a concentration on this challenge.

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