Long Awaited Updates

Sorry about the lack of updates here. I haven’t forgotten about this place. I’ve been busy with work and self-study things related to C#. I haven’t really been doing anything post-worthy as of late. Just quick proof of concept code snippets. Basically notes that I make myself via code comments. I don’t think most people will understand what’s going on. If you still want to see it let me know and I’ll post it up.

With that said I’m going to try and keep my updates, for now, to at least once a week. You might see more than one post on a given day of stuff I’ve worked on over the week. You can see updates every Sunday. That has been the day where I’ve had enough time to sit down and review what all I’ve done.

I’ve been doing a lot of review material on things I’ve done. So the posts moving forward might seem to jump around a little. Going from ASP, to .Net, to Web Forms, etc… My learning process involves looking at new things along with going back to what I’ve learned in the past. Sort of a re-review. I’m always finding things that I missed the first time. So I’m a big fan of looking at past material and seeing how to make it better with newly learned techniques. So don’t get too mad at me if it seems like I’m jumping around. It’s just my nature.

So stay tuned.. 🙂