Web Calculator C# ASP Project

Here’s another quick project displaying some simple possibilities of using C# .NET with ASP.

This is a simple web based calculator. The functionality should look pretty simple. You can perform basic math functions.

Again you can find the source code and a link to the the live example over on the C# .ASP Downloads Page.


Main Default.aspx Page


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Time Of Day C# .ASP Project

Hello, this is my first quick project in my exploration of how the C# .NET programming language can be used to create / use ASP pages. I will have a separate section for ASP code from the regular C# Downloads & Files for organizational reasons.

My first project delving into this is a simple time of day page. You enter the name in the text field and based on the time of day it will display “Good Morning”, “Good Afternoon”, or Good Evening” followed by the name entered. I’ve also added a small condition to make sure something is entered. Otherwise there’s a notification.

Live Page Example.

Main Page & Error Display

TimeOfDayMainPage TimeOfDayMainPageError

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